A Sustainable Choice


Décor Spaces is the excludive distributor for Docol high end faucets. Docol is a company that was founded over 54 years ago in Brazil.

Docol faucets bring all the elegance of the clean, the simple and the sophisticated. Products that offer a high performance, practicality, durability and technology and still have a delicate spatial fluidity.

They are products that allow for the rational use of water and they offer an economy of up to 77% of such a precious resource.


Docol sensor products are automatically activated (by sensor) and turn themselves off after use without physical contact.


Once active, the user does not have to contact the product anymore to switch it off.

The Docol design and technology are present in homes companies and public spaces in 39 countries worldwide.

Docol Faucets Products: http://www.docolfaucets.com/en/produtos

DF-1 DF-3 DF-4 DF-press DF-crystals DF-rain DF-robe DF-soap DF-wall